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About My Writing (Dan Holloran):

I’m a fiction author, content writer, and screenwriter (TV and film). I graduated from the University of Denver with a Bachelor’s of Finance and a minor of Management. It wasn’t until after graduation that I truly realized my love for reading and writing. Creative writing in particular. It became an obsession to craft stories and evoke emotions with my words. When I’m not writing, I like to meet new people and stay active in the community. In my spare time, I love to write, read, fly fish, play sports, listen to music, or learn something new! I guess you could say I simply enjoy coming up with ideas and creating stories. I’m a writer, storyteller, and author of all things that make dreams become reality.


Hobbies & Interests:

Fiction Writing, TV Writing, Screenwriting, Content and Creative Writing, Web Design, Startups & Technology, Music, Fishing, and Sports.


Latest Writing Projects:

Unknown Future:

A YA dystopian sci fi that takes place in a future lacking of energy sources. Conflict between government, rebels, and possibly something else ensues. Written in order to bring energy conservation to the forefront of national attention in a unique, fun, and exciting manner. Similar to some of my favorite YA fiction books such as James Dashner’s Maze Runner series.

The Closers (TV Comedy):

Creating a script for a TV comedy titled, “The Closers”. Logline: Even though things never seem to go their way, three young men hilariously fight inexperience and youth while trying to build lives for themselves.

TV Drama:

No solid idea currently on deck. However, my favorite TV Dramas right now are Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and Westworld. Would love to write something similar to these that twists and turns, excites and saddens, and initiates a strong emotional response in the audience. Just have to find the perfect idea…

21 Nov Why Follow Your Passion?

Lately, I've thought about why we follow our passions. It's incredibly easy to become distracted by our work, our bills, and our responsibilities. Life pushes you in directions you would have never guessed and that's not always a bad thing. A combination of stubbornness and choosing your moments for when...

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03 Oct The Inventor (Part II)

“Zeke,” said Mary. “What is this? What have you done to me?” she questioned furiously as she beat on my chest. I was just as unprepared for this turn of events as she. I could do nothing but shake my head. The assembly line we had come upon continued to operate...

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06 Aug Privilege

Privilege As a white man, this term gives me the willies. …But it’s true. I hate to write about social/political issues but this is something I really want to talk about. This privilege, it’s not specifically a race issue, but unfortunately, white people tend to have more opportunity. It makes me feel bad...

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28 Jul Someday

Who am I? Well I’m the same person as before, but I’m one hundred percent different. So I guess I’m not the same person. It’s not like I did anything major. It happens one day at a time. I had a dream. I had an idea and at first I...

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