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21 Apr Flexible Office Space

Flexible Office

A company’s commitment to one office space for a long period of time has been the tradition for generations. The success of the company was measured by the location and size of its main office. However, many companies are finding short term office space much more flexible and convenient in today’s work environment. Startups are constantly battling between gaining capital and keeping costs minimal while maintaining a quality product. Talented and passionate employees drive the growth of a company and cannot be sacrificed in order to save money. Additionally, startups are generally intelligent about their necessities for product/service development and will do as much as they can on a budget. Flexible, short term office space is the one obvious choice that can help a company develop with minimal risk.

The culture and choices that come with flexible office space push innovation and limit downside risk. Startups are always failing, adapting, and re-shaping themselves. The startup landscape is inherently risky and companies have to limit their losses in case of failure. Short term office space offers protection from risk as well as potential for growth. In many cases, startups will grow so quickly that it’s hard to keep up with the hiring of new employees. With so many new people joining the team, flexible office space offers the ability to move offices quickly and find space for a rapidly expanding company.

Companies such as PivotDesk make the renting and sharing of office space extremely easy. Short term office space helps both companies save money as well as forge collaboration. Shared office space can lead to big ideas and partnerships that can lead to amazing things. Flexible office space isn’t reserved for startups trying to save a buck either. Large corporations such as Ernst & Young, Microsoft, Google, and Accenture have taken to similar structures. Building a culture of openness and collaboration attracts top talent and leads to flowing ideas and innovations. Short term office space is at the forefront of workplace evolution and will continue to help people bring their great ideas to life.


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